'Yellowstone' Drops Awesome Video Ahead Of Season 5 Starting

"Yellowstone" continues to drop some great content ahead of season five starting.

The fifth season of the popular series with Kevin Costner returns November 13, and fans are definitely amped up to get back to work with the Duttons.

While information about the new season is few and far between - other than we know John becomes the governor of Montana - the Paramount Network has done a nice job of dropping some fun content to stoke excitement.

Now, a new video shining a light on John and Rip's relationship has dropped, and it's pretty awesome.

"Yellowstone" fans are craving season five.

It's hard to believe we're only 34 days away from "Yellowstone" season five starting. It feels like a lifetime ago since we were left with the season four cliffhanger.

The walls are closing in the Duttons, and everyone wants to know what Kayce meant by his "end of us comment."

Are the Duttons done? His way of life? Him and Monica? We have so many questions and very few answers.

Literally the only thing we know for sure is that John Dutton is the Governor of Montana when season five starts.

Outside of that, information surrounding the hit series is being guarded more fiercely than the nuclear codes.

The good news is we're just about a month out. I truly can't wait to see where we go from here with the Duttons. War is inevitable, and that means violence will all over the place.

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