'Yellowstone' Continues To Dominate The TV Ratings

"Yellowstone" is lapping the competition when it comes to the TV ratings.

The season five premiere was the most-watched episode of TV in 2022, and the third episode (two episodes aired the night of the premiere) of the hit series also put up outrageous numbers.

"Tall Drink of Water" averaged more than eight million viewers on the Paramount Network this past Sunday night, according to ShowBuzzDaily.com. That number doesn't include streaming data or anyone who watched it later. You can expect the final viewership number to be significantly higher.

There was no other cable broadcast that came close to even touching "Yellowstone." The only regular broadcasts that beat episode three of "Yellowstone" were NFL games and "60 Minutes."

"Yellowstone" is an unstoppable force.

Ever since "Yellowstone" premiered in 2018, the show has been taking ground and refusing to give any up when it comes to the ratings.

It just goes to show that people enjoy content that focuses on actually being entertaining. Go woke, go broke. Entertain the fans and you can print money.

It's a shockingly simple formula that we've watched "Yellowstone" execute to perfection for five seasons at this point.

If you're not already caught up on season five of "Yellowstone," you're missing out. Once again, the Duttons are at war with the world and the walls seem to be closing in.

Except, this time has the absolute authority of being governor on his side. There's also a blossoming storyline with Jamie and Market Equities. Through three episodes, it's been a ton of fun.

I have no doubt the ratings for season five of "Yellowstone" will continue to be strong right through the end. Taylor Sheridan has created a template for success. Provide people with an adrenaline-filled ride, and viewers will respond. There's nothing else like "Yellowstone," on TV, and it's great to see the numbers continue to explode.

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