World Series Streaker Has Terrible Escape Plan And Pays For It

Video has emerged of the streaker who tempted fate during Thursday's Game 5 of the World Series between the Phillies and Astros, and - like his plan - he never quite got off the ground.

The brave (dumb) fan interrupted the tense, 2-1 game in sixth inning. He appeared to be wearing a Chase Utley jersey.

Our guy's plan most likely started off great, with him taking stadium security by surprise and getting a nice head start as he dashed through the outfield grass.

Unfortunately, every good plan needs an even better 'escape plan,' and our Utley-wannabe decided his best course of action was to try and scale the outfield wall.

He looked much like I do when I try to touch the rim on basketball hoop.

Phillies fan interrupts World Series, gets tackled during epic fail

And they make it look so easy on TV!

Our guy here didn't stand a chance, but he probably knew that going in. I've never streaked across a field, but I'd imagine the ones who do have enough alcohol in them to just not care at that point.

You're gonna get your 30 seconds of fame and be happy, and then puke down in the stadium jail dungeon. And you're OK with that.

Anyway, this guy gives it a go, can't clear the left field wall, and then falls right into the arms of the security guards.

Fans called him mean things as he was escorted off the field (rhymes with grass mole), and the Phillies would go on to lose, 3-2.

This Utley fan tried everything to interrupt the game and maybe give the Phils a spark, but it wasn't enough.

On to Houston.

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