World Cup Reporter Robbed On Air And Now Gets To Pick The Punishment

An Argentinian newscaster was robbed while covering the World Cup in Qatar, and police have assured her that they will catch the suspect.

But what happens after that will be up to her - and it's a WIDE spectrum.

“They told me, ‘What do you want justice to do about this?’” the victim, Dominique Metzger, said through her news station. ‘“We will find the wallet. We have cameras everywhere, high-tech cameras and we will find the thief with face detection technology. What do you want (the) justice system to do with them when they are found?’ 

Her options? Apparently, Door 1 is five years in prison, while Door 2 is simply deportation.

No pressure!

"I told them I just want my wallet back, I won’t be making the decision for the justice system," she added.

World Cup reporter is judge, jury and executioner in Qatar

Come on, Dominique! That's not how it works in Qatar. Over there, apparently, it's dealer's choice and the options range from five years behind bars to being kicked out of the country.

And if you think that's the craziest part of the story, think again!

Evidently, Dominique's belongings were stolen LIVE ON AIR. And even though the TV cameras didn't catch the act, police have said their surveillance system will.

The newscaster said several items, including money, documents, and credit cards were lifted from her person while she dancing with fans.

What a twist!

That may change everything.

It's one thing to be robbed, but for the perp to do it while you're on air with already HEAVY surveillance in the area - there are said to be over 20,000 cameras with facial recognition within the eight stadiums - is a BOLD move.

This person apparently has no shot at getting away with it, but if you're Metzger here don't you almost have to just tip your cap to him/her for having the guts to go through with this heist?

I don't know, it's a tough call. What do you think Dominque should do here?

I think a little slap on the wrist with deportation fits the bill, but that's just me. Then again, I'm known as the good cop in my family.

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