Paige Spiranac Shows Support For Team USA Ahead Of The World Cup In A Cleavage Revealing T-Shirt

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Paige Spiranac has been on an unreal hot streak lately. After doubting herself when the haters came after her for her first pitch in Milwaukee over the summer, she’s back and doubling down on the content the trolls hate.

Most recently Paige has been defending LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne against the haters. She found some time to take Team USA to task for their boring World Cup jersey. She then trolled the Twitter trolls, including the “last look” at her cleavage before the social media app was supposed to die.

Paige Spiranac before the start of her first practice round at the ACC Golf Championship. (Photo by David Calvert/Getty Images for American Century Investments)

Well, Twitter didn’t die and neither did Paige’s will to make incredible content. She’s still hard at work laying more track for other influencers in the sports world to follow and social media is eating it up.

Her latest effort is in support of the United States men’s national soccer team ahead of the World Cup. Spoiler alert: she’s showing that support with her cleavage.

The No. 1 golf influencer sported a strategically designed t-shirt while asking her followers who they’re rooting for during the tournament.

Who’s Better Than Paige Spiranac At Influencing?

Normally she has to spend a time after a post like this clapping back at the trolls. There didn’t seem to be many haters showing up to criticize this one.

Maybe they’re really into soccer or extremely patriotic people. Or maybe they’ve decided to stop trying to tell Paige how to do her job.

Imagine trying to tell Paige the rules to the game she invented. Doing that takes special kinds of people with an enormous lack of self-awareness.

If you don’t like her content then don’t look at it. It’s a pretty simple concept. For those of us who get it, Paige is one of the best to ever do it.

Written by Sean Joseph

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