Wild Video From Hurricane Nicole Shows Buildings Being Swallowed By The Ocean

Hurricane Nicole gave a whole new meaning to the term 'Ocean Front Property' for Daytona Beach residents.

Nicole, now a Tropical Storm, made landfall as a Cat 1 Hurricane early Thursday along Florida's east coast, and has been dumping rain on the state for hours now. While she's certainly nowhere near the beast Hurricane Ian was, Nicole has still taken advantage of what Ian left behind.

And by that, I mean the beaches in Daytona are so eroded there is basically no more seawall, and buildings along the coast are literally being swallowed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Hurricane Nicole batters Florida beach

Nicole didn't stay a Hurricane for long, but she certainly packed a punch - especially along Florida's beaches, which were hammered by Ian five weeks ago.

Several buildings along the Daytona Beach coast had to be evacuated because they were deemed "unsafe," and some folks even came home to the Atlantic Ocean literally in their living room.

Good lord.

Full transparency, I live about 20 miles west of Daytona Beach. The storm didn't have nearly the impact on the inland cities because we can generally handle 65 MPH winds a ton of rain pretty well.

We are Florida, after all.

But the coastal areas got absolutely crushed. I mean, we have holes opening up out of nowhere on sidewalks and couches literally hanging off a cliff.

Wild stuff. Thank God Hurricane Season ends in a few weeks.

Good riddance.

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