We're Doomed: Biden's Energy Secretary Wants The Military To Go 100% EV

President Biden's Energy Secretary wants the United States military to be 100% Electric Vehicle (EV) reliant by 2030.

On Wednesday, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said that she supports the Biden Administration's plan to REQUIRE the U.S. military to have an "all electric vehicle fleet" by 2023.

Yes, that's right.

We'll all be dead because our EV vehicles and machinery won't be able to hold up against China, but hey - at least the climate will be lovely for China to then destroy!

I'm sure our brave servicemen and women in the military are head-over-heels about using EV's whose batteries can just stop working at any moment.


Granholm was echoing the Administration's message from their new 'environmental justice' campaign. (Don't forget, she's also the political hack that wants YOU to not own a gas stove, while she can.)

A few weeks ago, President Biden signed a little-known Executive Order that laid out their plan. The "Revitalizing Our Nation’s Commitment to Environmental Justice for All," requires all military branches to incorporate environmental justice into their missions.

What's environmental justice?

Apparently it has something to do with pollution, the environment, and how America's industries are so terrible because they are contributing to climate change. It mandates federal agencies - including the military, to be up to the required standards and even has a 'scorecard' to rate their performance as if they are in pre-school and not fighting terrorists and our enemies.

The Executive Order reads in part, "For far too long, communities across our country have faced persistent environmental injustice through toxic pollution, underinvestment in infrastructure and critical services, and other disproportionate environmental harms often due to a legacy of racial discrimination including redlining. These communities with environmental justice concerns face even greater burdens due to climate change."

While speaking during at Congressional hearing, Granholm agreed with the Administration's environmental justice plan.


Yes, welcome to 2023 where we are so divided and screwed up as a country that while our enemies are building their offensive and defensive weapons quicker, stronger, and in some instances even better, we as a country are deliberately undermining ourselves over climate change.

If there's something we know, it's that the government and bureaucracies have zero idea how to manage anything or get anything significantly done. Anytime they get involved, it actually turns out worse. Washington is a cesspool of incompetence, stupidity and mismanagement.

Hell, it was only a few months ago when the President tweeted out a photo of him in an "electric vehicle," while pushing his climate agenda and tax credits... from a car that WASN'T EVEN CAPABLE OF IT!


The fact that 'our leaders' want to change how we develop, manufacture, produce and distribute our military capabilities - all in the name of 'the climate,' is downright terrifying.

All this is going to do is cause Washington's politicians to further their activist agendas while putting the rest of us at risk.

Should the military start incorporating other means of technology? Obviously - and we are. But it should be on their terms, not as part of a larger climate change push being decreed from the Administration.

Don't be fooled by President Biden and Secretary Granholm saying that this will help make America energy independent. If that was true, they wouldn't continue to restrict American manufacturing and energy producing capabilities.

The Administration is playing with a double-edged sword, and unfortunately it's going to be a blunted one.