Wendy's Worker Knocks Out Angry Customer After He Licks Frosty

Working at a fast food restaurant isn't the most glamorous gig in the world. 

You come home smelling likes fries (which, frankly, can also be considered a perk). You work in grease and sweat and filth all day. The damn milkshake machine never works!

And, of course, sometimes you have to deal with unhappy customers who come to the counter and lick cups.

Roll it.

My goodness.

That video, which was originally obtained by 3TV/CBS 5, came from an Arizona Wendy's. The worker, Antoine Kendrick, was booked on one count of aggravated assault, while the 67-year-old customer was reportedly airlifted to a local hospital and is in critical condition.

Where do we even begin?

For starters, nobody knows what exactly was said, why the customer was licking cups and what ultimately pushed Antoine over the line.

The video has no sound, police didn't divulge any information, and other customers didn't hear anything.

They sure saw it, though.

“That was a Mike Tyson hit,” one customer said.

"It's a shame," another added. "I feel for the guy who got hit. That's not right."

According to police, the customer fell down, struck his head and was immediately knocked unconscious.

Footage then shows Kendrick standing over the man for a quick second before grabbing his stuff and hitting the exit.

"The customer didn't touch him, so he had no right to touch the customer, period," one more onlooker told the Arizona news station. "I just think that’s horrible and wish it didn’t happen. It puts a bad light on our entire society.”

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