Virtue-Signalling Artist Removes JK Rowling's Name From Harry Potter Books, Sells Them For Ridiculous Price

JK Rowling angered legions of her less rational fans by making comments that support the notion that men and women are biologically different.

Perish the thought...

This led to tons of grandstanding blowback that included actors who starred in films based on her work criticizing her. Even the sport of Quidditch changed its name because players didn't want to be associated with Rowling, who was labeled a "transphobe."

Now, an artist in Canada is removing her name from her books, then selling the doctored copies for more than a thousand dollars.


Because some moronic fans want the book written by the lady they hate but feel like if her name isn't on it, it's not her work.

It's all just virtue-signaling at its finest.

Rowling's Name Is Being Removed By An "Artist"

The bookbinding "artist" in question is Laur Flom, who identifies as transgender. They told Insider that they started cutting up Rowling's work out of "boredom and spite."

That's totally rational behavior.

"A lot of people have been asking me what the point of this is or what anyone actually gains from me removing her name from the books. And honestly, originally, there wasn't a point or like anything really deep about this project," Flom said.

They're right in saying there's no point to it.

However, there not being any point in cutting Rowling's name hasn't stopped Flom from selling sets of all seven books for $1,191 (USD).

For comparison, if you want to brand new copies that weren't vandalized by someone who can't grasp an author having a different (and in this case, correct) point of view, that'll set you back around $200.

Flom said the book sales "will eventually bring about donations to trans charities."

No word on if that's happened yet. Perhaps Flom is profiting from the very "hate" they claim to be railing against.

There is one way to save for virtue-signaling phonies on a budget. They can send their own collections to Flom who will give 'em the ol chop shop treatment.

It's all completely preposterous unless you're fond of empty gestures the way those on the left are.

What better way to let people know you've stuck it to a billionaire author who understands basic biology better than you, than by buying her books and spending thousands elsewhere to have some hack artist cut her name out of them?

Or, you know… you could just read a different book.

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