Uber Driver Cleverly Turns Tables On Backseat Thieves

Even been driving some folks around, only for them to turn on you like a Pitbull, try to put you in a chokehold and then rob you blind?

Me neither.

BUT, that doesn't mean it won't happen. It's 2022, folks, and society is bat-bleep crazy nowadays.

Anyway, if you're ever backed into that corner and need a way out, let me introduce you to this Uber driver's method of simply screaming bloody murderer and driving around like a lunatic for all to see.

Attempted Uber robbery goes wrong

Works like a charm!

By far the most insane part of this video is the woman popping up OUT OF NOWHERE in the back seat. You don't see her at all for the first 10 seconds, and then BAM, she's clawing at our guy's face and covering his eyes like a maniac.

He eventually frees himself, opens the window, hits the gas and goes NUTS. You can hear him yell for the police, which is smart, but, frankly, anyone in the area is probably gonna run over to help at this point.

Or, you know, they could look the other way and get out of there as fast as possible because this guy appears to have a couple screws loose.

It's a risky move, and you just have to hope it pays off.

Anyway, our two thieves figure out pretty quickly they've messed with the wrong guy and get so spooked that they even thought about jumping out.

You can see the terror in her eyes pretty immediately. And it's obvious they both regret the decision.

Looks like all's well that ends well, though, as both robbers escape once the car comes to a stop. Just for good measure, the driver keeps screaming all the way through just in case they think the coast is clear.

All in all, a good plan of attack from our guy here, and one that we hopefully never have to use.

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