Two Guys Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other For 2 Minutes In Wild Gym Brawl

Heading to the gym for a Friday night lift? Better bring your boxing gloves, big boy pants and be ready for an absolute brawl!

Two heavyweights found that out the hard way this week at a local Fitness Connection facility when they locked horns for nearly two minutes in a fight for the ages.

Video emerged of the chaos on social media late Thursday, and shows two hardos beating the hell out of each other for what feels like an eternity while onlookers stand frozen in a circle.

Ding, ding, ding!

Video of nasty gym brawl goes viral

What a rollercoaster. It looks like a boxing match at the start with both fellas trying to feel each other out, and ends with a sumo-style battle of the wits.

Along the way we get a couple of landed right-hooks - including several to the noggin - a right knee to the face, which shows some good flexibility, and a little bit of head-locking at the end with everyone taking video instead of, you know, breaking it up.

That's 2022 for ya!

So, now to the hard-hitting question ... who do we think won this bad boy?

Gotta be the big fella in the white shirt, right? He doesn't start strong, but he finishes with a bang, throwing several haymakers over the last 20 seconds.

Looks like that's what caused the cavalry to finally come in at the end and wave the white flag?

Thoughts? Let us know!

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