Tony Romo 'No Longer Into' Broadcasting, According To Former NBC Boss

Tony Romo was America's hottest NFL broadcaster for a hot minute, but longtime TV executive Dick Ebersol thinks Romo has lost his fastball.

In fact, Ebersol thinks Romo has already mailed it in just a few years into his broadcasting career.

During an appearance on Chris Wallace's new HBO Max show, Ebersol said Romo's changed since he "got into that chair."

"I’ve known Tony Romo since he first got to the pros," said Ebersol, the former head of NBC Sports. "He’s an unbelievably engaging guy, he should have been a terrific, great broadcaster. Something’s happened since he got into that chair. And it doesn’t seem like he’s into it.

"Like he was on his way up. He does not seem to be the storyteller that he should be. The thing that makes (Al) Michaels great, (Joe) Buck great, and all these guys are they’re really, they’re really storytellers. And Tony has gotten further and further away from that I think."

Ebersol later added that he could fix Romo in "six months."

Dick Ebersol trashes Tony Romo, then walks it back

Say it ain't so, Tony!

Romo burst onto the broadcasting scene in 2017, taking the world by storm with his weirdly accurate play predictions right before they happened. He became so good at it that CBS gave Romo a FAT contract extension in 2020 that reportedly pays him nearly $17 million a year.

That contract paved the way for others in the NFL broadcasting game to cash in, including Buck, Michaels and Troy Aikman, all of whom signed massive deals this past offseason.

Someone named Tom Brady also signed a 10-year, $375 million deal with FOX to join its No. 1 NFL broadcast whenever he retires.

Back to Romo, though, who apparently lost whatever magic he once had, according to Ebersol.

Just kidding!

Hours after the interview, Ebersol quickly released a statement walking literally everything back. Because that's what we do in 2022.

"Tony Romo is like a son to me,” he said. "I am truly his biggest fan on and off the field. As a fan, and a producer, I have always been known to offer up unsolicited notes. But this time, after a long day of interviews, I went too far and frankly said things that I do not believe and are simply not true.

"No announcer is more passionate about the NFL than Tony Romo, and I personally cannot wait to hear his call this and every Sunday. He is as good as it gets."

Romo may have (allegedly) lost his fastball, but that curveball from Ebersol is as good as it gets!

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