TikTok Users Label Groom 'Walking Red Flag' After Viral Video Goes Off Rails

Remember your wedding day when you ran after your wife like a crazed dog, smashed a giant piece of cake in her face despite her begging you not to, tackling her to the ground like a middle school fight and then walking away like nothing weird just happened?

Me neither.

One new husband does, though, and he's under some serious fire in the TikTok world.

Viral wedding video angers some TikTok users

Good lord, buddy. Red flag city.

Look, the wife is the one posted the video, so clearly she's not upset by it. But this cat comes off like a straight lunatic here, doesn't he?

I mean, come on ... read the room one time for me!

It all starts out like harmless fun - it's really wedding reception 101. You've seen it a million times: get the cake, cutely rub it on her face, give a little laugh and kiss for the camera and move on.

Pretty simple stuff.

But our groom here is clearly on a mission the second the video starts, and it's pretty clear he ain't letting up. He even tracks her all the way across the room and BAM, cakes her face like there's no tomorrow.

She goes down in the process, he falls on her, and then you get the audible gasps from the crowd followed by a couple seconds of nervous laughter. We even get a Tua-like stumble after she initially gets up.

Anyway, her friend finally comes to help her wipe off, but the damage is clearly done to the dress. You can't just throw that thing in the washer, either. That's a big time problem, fellas.

And it looks like it's RED?! Good luck with that one.

In any event, the video was posted to TikTok a few days ago, and it's blown up because everyone is angry at the husband. I'm sure he meant well, but it ain't the best look.

Some of the comments got so bad it appears our bride has disabled the section.

One TikTok user reposted the video and said she would divorce our guy right away, while another commented and said her dad would basically kill him if he was there.

Another called him a "walking red flag."

Thoughts? Too far? Leave 'em alone? Who cares? All the above?

Let us know!

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