The Paige Spiranac Of Tennis Declares 'I'm Single'

What a year it has been for the world's No. 1 tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann.

The 30-year-old St. Louis native jumped from being a tennis influencer to the undisputed No. 1-ranked tennis influencer and second place -- whomever that is -- isn't even close. I made it official on July 8 when Rachel was officially moved into the No. 1 spot and now she's being called the Paige Spiranac of the tennis world.

In a new interview with Jam Press, Stuhlmann addresses her life in this huge influencer role and the pressure of being the Paigeviews of tennis influencing.

The nearly six-foot-tall Sthulmann, who played collegiately at the University of Missouri, says she wants to “push the sport of tennis forward while being unapologetically me.”


You can't change just because you climbed the mountain to the top of the influencing world. This is when you stick with what works and dig deep into the analytics to determine trends and what will lead the audience to spend money within the tennis community.

After all, that's what influencing is all about. Tennis wants fans in the seats, people buying rackets and balls.

Stuhlmann gets the game. She wanted what Paigeviews had built, but for the tennis world.

“I was like, ‘wait, I want to do photoshoots and show that tennis is cool and that it can be hot and fun,” the world's No. 1 told Jam Press.

And that's when her influencing career took off. Keep it simple. Stick to the influencing. Pedal to the floor.

Tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann is single

But there are consequences to this life on the road. Rachel is single, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't be down to date, especially a guy who enjoys indoor tennis. In a wild twist, the world's No. 1 tennis influencer loves winter.

“I love cold weather! Winter time is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the fall and winter seasons and the holidays. My favorite thing is spending time with my family around the holidays,” Rachel said, while adding, “I also love the fresh air outside when it’s cold, and fall and winter fashion.”

Guys, which one of you loves fresh winter air, peppermint lattes, and tennis? Now is your chance to slide into the DMs of the world's No. 1 influencer and shoot your shot.

Just don't plan on seeing Rachel until Thanksgiving.

She'll be out on the road influencing at the Rolex Paris Masters in late October and early November followed by a trip to the San Antonio Cup in mid-November to handle hosting duties. And then there could be an Australian Open trip in January. "Speaking it into existence," Rachel wrote on Instagram Story back in the summer.

While Paigeviews Spiranac is talking retirement in the golf influencing world, Stuhlmann understands she has a clear path to go on a multiple-year run influencing tennis fans.

"I can’t wait," Stuhlmann writes on Instagram about her upcoming schedule.

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