Texas Tech Fan Hits Longhorns Mascot And Cheerleaders With The Most Vicious 'Horns Down' Of All-Time After Storming Field

There was a murder on Saturday night in Lubbock. Not really, but figuratively.

Texas Tech beat Texas on its home field for the first time in more than a decade and pure pandemonium proceeded to unfold after the clock hit zero. Red Raiders fans rushed the field, the Longhorns players could barely get off of the field amidst all of the insanity, and 'Horns Down' was being thrown by everyone and anyone.

Children, parents, students, alumni— the anti-Texas hand signal was everywhere and anywhere.

As the chaos took place, one Texas Tech fan threw the most vicious Horns Down of all-time. It happened right in the face of Texas' on-field mascot (not the real Bevo) and it was caught on film.

After the fan hopped over the railing and onto the turf below, he ran directly over to a group of Longhorns cheerleaders. Standing amongst them was the school mascot.

Despite the loss, the mascot was throwing 'Hook 'Em' in support of his team. The fan hit him with the opposite, got right up in his face and turned the Hook 'Em upside down.

Horns were ALL of the way down. It was absolutely ruthless.

The cheerleaders, who were completely caught off guard, looked super confused. They didn't quite grasp that they were about to go insanely viral, which of course, they did.

Take a look at the the most violent 'Horns Down' in history:

Now, there is something to be said about storming the field after beating the No. 22 team in the country without Quinn Ewers. Some might say that Texas Tech should have acted like it had been there before.

Those people are lame and they hate fun. We would not have been witness to this incredible moment in Horns Down history if the Red Raiders hadn't rushed onto the turf after the win.

Their coach's claim in the locker room postgame, however, may have been a bit of a stretch.