Texas HS Football Game Ends After Huge Fight Leads To All Players Being Ejected

It's true, everything is bigger in Texas, including the high school football fights.

An ugly scene played out last week at a game in Fort Worth where football players dropped the gloves for several minutes The brawl that was so prolific that fans jumped out of the stands and took part in the brawl between Eastern Hills and Dallas Roosevelt.

By the time the police, coaches, and parents stopped the fighting officials determined every single player had been ejected and the game was called with 6:44 to play and Eastern Hills up 35-12.

That's it, game over. You guys are too nuts and there could be shots fired at any minute.

"It didn't matter who started it. The issue is both teams were involved in the altercation," Dr. Silvia Salinas, the Executive Director of Athletics for Dallas ISD, told Fox 4. "I just know that maybe there was a hard hit and a player reacted to that," said Salinas.

And at that point, there wasn't much that was going to stop the swinging.

“Fans, do not jump into this brawl,” the public address announcer can be heard saying as fans jumped a fence to join in the action. "We need security out here please," the PA guy added.

Now, because everyone was ejected, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports Roosevelt will use its JV team this week due to the automatic suspension of the starters. Eastern Hills will be in a similar situation due to the suspensions.

As you can see, it's not just NFL fans fighting in the streets before Lions games this season. It's not just moms trying to fight 12-year-old boys for tackling their sons at a football game. We've evolved all the way to high school players fighting each other to the point where everyone needs to be ejected before someone gets shot.

What a time to be alive for sports in America.

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