Mom Who Chased 12-Year-Old Football Player For Tackling Her Son Is Lucky She Wasn’t Shot

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Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any crazier, now we have a mom threatening to slap a football player for tackling her son during a game.

The madness played out last weekend in Houston where the Southside Ravens and Northwest Gorillas were meeting in a fierce Youth Football and Cheerleading Federation showdown that seemed rather innocent until one mom decided she was going to whoop some ass — and it was going to be the 12-year-old boy who was just doing his job.

According to KTRK, the victim’s mother filed a police report, the game was over and the kids didn’t even get to battle it out on the field.

Thanks, jerkoff parents.

Mom chases boy for tackling her son during Houston football game
An angry mom chases a 12-year-old boy who tackled her son during a football game / KTRK

YFF president Edward Hart was livid over the situation. Here he is trying to run a football program and mom thinks she’s going to whoop some 12-year-old ass for what looked like a basic tackle.

“This was an incident that could have ended much worse than it did,” Hart said clearly understanding we’re talking about Texas and pretty much everyone is strapped down with multiple weapons at all times.

Let’s also keep in mind this week former NFL cornerback Aqib Talib’s brother was indicted for murder in the shooting death of a youth football coach in a city just south of Dallas.

Hart’s right, this could have ended up really bad.

“A parent running onto the game field after an opposing team player can have a counter-effect of the child’s parent(s) responding in kind in defense of their own child, not to mention potential reactions of the staff members of both teams,” Hart continued. 

“Fortunately, the staff of both teams were able to get things under control and did not allow the incident to escalate. An assigned on-site police officer further de-escalated things by escorting the offending party out of the facility.

“This particular facility does not afford itself to our standard access control policies since it is basically an open field with multiple entry points, and has no barriers between spectators and the game field.”

KTRK reports that the woman was fined $200 by the league and the Gorillas’ organization faces a $500 fine for not controlling its sideline.

The Gorillas issued their own statement apologizing for the barbaric behavior and promising it won’t happen again.


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