Terry Bradshaw Opens Up About Cancer Scares: 'If I Go, I'm OK'

Terry Bradshaw stunned the world last month when he revealed not one, but two different cancer diagnoses' over the past year.

The legendary Pittsburgh Steelers QB, and current NFL on FOX analyst, is now opening up about some of those shocking moments, how wife Tammy helped him through it all, and his long-term outlook.

"I wasn't scared," Bradshaw told the Today Show of his first diagnosis, which was bladder cancer. "I don't know why, but I never was scared.

"As a man of faith, as a Christian, my attitude was, 'Well, if I go, I'm OK.'"

Terry Bradshaw diagnosed with rare skin cancer

Bradshaw eventually beat it, was declared cancer-free and went about his normal life. Then, months later, the Hall of Famer felt nerve pain in his neck. An MRI revealed a tumor on the other side of his neck.

"Now, this one bothered me," Bradshaw said, admitting this diagnosis - Merkel cell carcinoma, a rare form of skin cancer - scared him.

The original cancer diagnosis came last November, and this one came last April.

Bradshaw didn't go public with the news until last month when Twitter users noticed he was looking - and acting - different during a segment on the NFL of FOX pregame show.

Social media erupted, and Bradshaw later let the cat out of the bag during a Facebook Live.

“People are saying that I’m sick and I’m dying. Okay, so, let’s put that rumor to rest. I am not sick, I am not dying as I sit here and do this interview with you," he said. "I’m not gonna deny I’ve had two bouts of cancer. One in November and a different one in March. Okay, two different cancers.

"So far as this is going on, my first follow ups are coming up here in 40 days, or three weeks or something, so I will know how we’re doing. But as of now, the cancers are not there. So, I’m not dying."

Bradshaw said this week he didn't tell anyone - including most of his family - because he didn't want "the pity." He did, however, lean on wife Tammy - and his Christian faith - throughout the ordeal.

"We're going to go to Europe, Paris, wherever we wanna go," he said. "I'm gonna get all this in, because I don't want to put this off anymore. I may have 25-30 years left, but I'm gonna act like I got one."

Here's the full interview:

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