Taylor Heinicke Gifts Offensive Linemen Jordan Sneakers

Washington Commanders quarterback Taylor Heinicke wanted to stay in the good graces of his offensive linemen, so he bought them some pricey gifts.

Heinicke has gone 3-1 since taking over for an injured Carson Wentz. His appreciation for the O-line that's allowed him enough time to complete his throws did not go unnoticed.

Speaking with reporters yesterday, Heinicke said that he decided to buy them some thank you presents. Those presents weren't expensive watches or sunglasses or a pricey dinner...No, Heinicke instead gifted the big guys Air-Jordan sneakers.


Heinicke has been known to buy himself custom (and pricey) Jordans after every victory. He gets the Jordan's for himself in the colors of his just-beat opponents.

And although he isn't making big quarterback money - "only" $3.6 million - he says he'll continue to give his linemen future presents if the team keeps winning. (Heinicke also receives a bonus for every Washington victory he plays in).

Heinicke did add that there's no way he's giving his lineman the same Jordans he buys himself.

“No, no, I can’t spend that much money, but I got ’em some cool ones [sneakers that have the Eagles colors," Heinicke joked.

Heinicke is definitely picking up attention for both his play on the field and his post-game antics. Video went viral of him crushing beers after the Commanders gave the Eagles their first loss of the season on Monday night.

Clearly, the Commanders and head coach Ron Rivera know the value that Heinicke brings. He was once again given the starting signal caller job by Rivera for this week's game against the Houston Texans.

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