Stephen A. Smith Wants To Dive Into Late Night TV, 'Would Love To Be Heir Apparent To Jimmy Kimmel'

Who's ready for Late Night With Stephen A. Smith?

Me neither ... but, it could happen down the road if Stephen A. gets his way.

Wrapping up his book tour after a week's worth of interviews and signings, the ESPN personality sat down with good buddy Sean Hannity and revealed he'd like to one day replace Jimmy Kimmel on sister network, ABC.

“I am interested in doing late night,” Smith said. “I would love to be the heir apparent to Jimmy Kimmel. I believe I could do it. I would throw everybody for a loop, my politics would throw people off because I’d be fair to everybody and I’d listen to everybody.

"It wouldn’t be one-sided, I’m not a one-sided kind of guy. I’m one-sided on issues, I’m not one-sided on ideology.”

Stephen A. Smith wants to be Jimmy Kimmel heir apparent

Welp, there ya have it. Stephen A. Smith is next in line for what was once a coveted late night job. I say "once" because late night TV stinks now. Used to be great. Used to be reservation television.

Now, it's just liberal nonsense filled with cringy vaccine songs, Donald Trump jokes (for the billionth time), and constant pandering and virtue signaling.

No, that's not news to you or me. BUT, it's apparently brand new information to Stephen A., who acted shocked when Hannity let the liberal cat out of the bag this week.

“I don’t care if you’re watching Colbert or if you’re watching Fallon or if you’re watching Kimmel. It’s like a left-wing comedy show and they’re alienating, pushing away half the country," Hannity said.

“I don’t watch much of it, but assuming you’re correct in what you’re saying," Smith responded, "it should be a problem because the reality of the situation is there’s more than 350 million Americans in this country and at least 170-180 million think conservatively like Sean Hannity, OK?

"We understand that, and whether you like it or not, that’s their reality.”

I'm so damn mixed on Stephen A. Smith.

Honestly, nobody puts my mind in a pretzel more than he does. Sometimes I think he's actually somewhat sane for an ESPN personality, and the next he's apologizing for Rihanna because the mob came after him.

One minute he's telling podcasts he likes doing dirty things in bed, and the next he's telling black people not to apply for the Houston Texans head coaching job.

All over the map. Maybe that's why he does so well, though? Hell, maybe that's why a Stephen A. Late Night Show would actually work?

Maybe we'll see one day!

PS: Remember when Stephen A. guest-hosted on Kimmel's show a few years ago? I won't pretend to watch this whole thing, but the first few minutes were fine I guess.

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