Stephen A. Smith Fires Back At Mark Jones For Liking Tweet Insinuating Smith Was A 'Coon' For Jerry Jones Defense

Stephen A. Smith has responded to ESPN's favorite race-baiter, Mark Jones, after Jones liked -- and then unliked (after OutKick asked for a comment) -- a video on Twitter insinuating Smith was a "coon" for his defense of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Last week, Smith accused the Washington Post of trying to “eradicate” Jerry Jones for manufacturing a story about a photo of Jones from 1957, when he was 14 years old, in which he stood in the back of a crowd of white students blocking six black students from the entryway of a high school.

In response, a race-hustler named Bishop Talbert Swan quote-tweeted Smith’s segment on Monday with a cartoon video singing the words “Look at the Coon.”

Mark Jones “Liked” the tweet shortly after, before thinking better of it and reversing course after OutKick and Fox News reached out to ESPN for comment.

Stephen A. Smith criticizes ESPN colleague, woke mob

Smith addressed the backlash in the latest episode of his podcast, 'Know Mercy,' according to Awful Announcing.

"One can only be called a sellout and a coon and all of this other stuff so much before you feel compelled to respond. Particularly when you’re a black man," he said without mentioning Jones by name.

Smith teased the episode of his podcast during Tuesday's First Take, saying he wanted to address the “folks in our community talking smack.

“It’s black on black. I don’t even know if white folks need to be listening with the stuff that I’m gonna say about some of us.”

Smith then accused the mob of wanting to "attack everybody," and then pointed out how he's had to listen to people in his own industry talk "drivel" and nonsense about him.

“Y’all wanna attack everybody! Why don’t we listen to one another?” Smith asked. “I’m not friends with Candace Owens, I never met her a day in my life. But if you disagree with something she said, tell us what it is and why rather than saying ‘She a sellout!’

“You want to criticize me and what my positions are, I’m good with that. Y’all tell me why. If you’re right, I’ll say so,” Smith continued. "I put my career on the line everyday fighting for us. And we’re gonna go out like that? Because I don’t agree with y’all position on a still photo from 66 years ago. Really?

"We better wake up y’all.”

Smith later doubled down on his defense of Jerry Jones by simply pointing out the obvious: that he isn't racist.

“He owns a football team. He employs a multitude of people…You know how many folks are employed by the Dallas Cowboys organization who happens to be minority? What exactly is he supposed to do…what’s his obligation?” Smith asked.

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