Steeve Ho You Fat Has Basketball's Best Name

Move over He Hate Me. There's a new leader in the best sports name ever clubhouse. That man is Steeve Ho You Fat, a Frenchman. And yes, that's his real name.

Ho You Fat was center stage during Tuesday night's ESPN2 broadcast of the G League Ignite -Metropolitans 92 game. Ho You Fat's team, the Metropolitans 92, play in France's LNB Pro A league. That's the top league in France. So obviously, Ho You Fat has game...and a name.

I can't begin to imagine the problems Steeve's friends get into when they're calling for their friend's attention in a loud, crowded club. "Ho You Fat" generally doesn't play well amongst 20somethings sipping on $18 drinks, having not eaten for days in order to fit into some $300 skirt Hailey Bieber was promoting on IG.

Ho You Fat Is 34-Years-Old

Basketball's most unique name scored six points in Tuesday's showcase between likely top 2023 NBA draft pick Victor Wembanyama and highly-touted prospect Scoot Henderson. And Ho You Fat nearly had three more points, if not for a triple that rimmed out and gave the broadcast team a laugh.

"Ho You Fat with a three. Yes, I just said that. That is that man's name," said one of the ESPN2 commentators. "Don't tweet at me."

One person who doesn't mind if you tweet at him, is Steeve Ho You Fat. He seemed to be loving the attention post-game.

Mr. Ho You Fat even suggested, "It was all about time before that name get out there."

And he's right. How the hell does a name like this not hit social media sooner? The man's 34! He's been playing basketball for decades and he's in France's top pro league. Social media is at EVERYONE's finger tips.

Adam freakin' Sandler found the 76ers a player on a playground in Spain in Netflix's Hustle movie, but we can't get a damn picture of Ho You Fat on a basketball court until Tuesday night? I mean, WTF?

No word on if there's a Mrs. Ho You Fat, but if ever there were a time to keep your maiden name...

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