Saudi TV Mocks Joe Biden In SNL-Style Skit

Well, "Saturday Night Live" might be too afraid to make fun of Joe Biden, but its Saudi counterpart sure isn't.

Saudi Arabia’s state-run television network aired a skit where the actor playing the president shakes hands with the air, waves at no one in particular and falls up the stairs of Air Force One.

You know, all of those things he routinely does in real life.

The skit ends with him sitting across the table from an actor who resembles Vladimir Putin. The two haphazardly hit red buttons as the screen shows nuclear missiles flying back and forth.

Journalist Asaad Sam Hanna posted the entire segment on Twitter.

The show is called "Studio 22," and it airs on the government-owned Middle East Broadcasting Center.

But this isn't the first time Saudi TV has mocked Biden. In April 2022, they aired a skit depicting the U.S. President as a senile old man. He forgets which country he's talking about, falls asleep at the podium and then calls Kamala Harris the "First Lady."


So while these clips are amusing, they are also embarrassing.

The unabashed satire on a TV with the government's heavy backing only shows the worsening of the ties between Saudi Arabia and the United States.

In October, the Wall Street Journal reported that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman privately mocks gaffes made by Joe Biden and has questioned his mental fitness to be president.

They used to respect us. Now they laugh at us.

Because your silly, forgetful old grandpa is not so endearing when he's the leader of the free world.