San Francisco State University Thanks Protesters Following Riley Gaines Attack

San Francisco State University believes the attack against Riley Gaines was mostly just students "peacefully" protesting.

The former Kentucky swimmer was attacked Thursday night while giving a speech in support of protecting women's sports.

A man wearing a dress hit her, and it took hours until she was able to safely leave. At one point, protesters in the violent mob demanded money to let her leave.

San Francisco State University reacts to Riley Gaines attack.

Instead of condemning the violent attack and vowing to hold the people responsible for attacking Gaines accountable, the university instead thanked "students who participated peacefully."

Furthermore, the statement sent out to the campus claimed it required "tremendous bravery" to confront Gaines.

The statement from vice president for student affairs and enrollment management Jamillah Moore read in part:

Thank you to our students who participated peacefully in Thursday evening’s event. It took tremendous bravery to stand in a challenging space. I am proud of the moments where we listened and asked insightful questions. I am also proud of the moments when our students demonstrated the value of free speech and the right to protest peacefully. These issues do not go away, and these values are very much at our core.   This feels difficult because it is difficult. As you reflect, process, and begin to heal, please remember that there are people, resources and services available and ready to receive our Gator community, including faculty, staff members, coaches and mentors who are here to support you.

You can read the entire message sent to the San Francisco State University community body below.

Gaines, unsurprisingly, wasn't impressed with the statement. She tweeted, "I was assaulted. I was extorted and held for random . The protestors demanded I pay them if I wanted to make it home safely."

Absolute insanity continues to unfold.

To be clear, there was nothing brave, impressive or commendable about what happened Thursday night to Riley Gaines.

The former Kentucky swimmer was on campus to support women's rights and to speak out against biological men taking over women's sports.

Instead of being allowed to speak and go about her business, Gaines was brutally attacked in an event that was nothing short of horrifying.

It was just her and a couple cops trying to get to safety against an enraged mob. As she told Tucker Carlson, even the police weren't able to stand up to the mob.

Disagreement is great. It's a pillar of a free society. Shouting down and physically harming people you disagree with simply can't be tolerated. What happened to Riley Gaines was unacceptable and this statement from San Francisco State University is borderline unhinged.

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