Rosie Moore, The World's Hottest Geoscientist, Reveals She Now Owns A Pet Black Widow Spider That Can Kill*

In case you needed more proof that Rosie Moore, the "World's Hottest Geoscientist," as named by the OutKick Culture Department, isn't some fake scientist acting like she's into nature, now comes the news that she has a pet black widow spider.

Moore, who should no doubt have her own science show on a Fox Nation or some other digital platform by the end of the year, announced Monday morning that she's the new owner of this spider that could bite and kill a person.

"A lot of people are really terrified of black widows, and have the wrong idea about them. I think it’s cool to have one and learn how to handle it and understand their behavior more. They are also really beautiful spiders!" the Florida Atlantic University-trained scientist explained to a reader who wondered why she went full gas and got a killer spider.

How does one go about being a black widow pet owner? Do you chill with the spider on the couch during NFL games? Are there just chill nights where the spider rolls over for belly rubs? Will the spider beg for treats?

One thing we know for sure from Moore's intel on black widows, she will feed Ophelia crickets as her main meal.

As for proper handling of the spider, Moore was asked if she ever allows Ophelia on her bare skin.

"No! They can’t bite through clothing and there’s no reason to get bit by her, so I always wear thick clothes to handle," the proud mom added.

According to the Texas Health and Human Services department, death via a black widow bite is possible, but it's rare. "The black widow's venom is reportedly 15 times more toxic than the venom of the prairie rattlesnake. However, only a minute quantity is injected with each bite," state officials note.

All of you thinking Rosie is playing with fire here need to understand we're not talking about some TikTok model who's jumping on the next big 'thing.' We're talking about a woman who swims with sharks, handles snakes like they're goldendoodles and has spent years in the wild.

This woman knows her stuff. She's clearly about safety and not creating some viral trend for Likes and Followers.

That's why I'm so pro-Rosie Moore in 2023. She's not some TV creation. This woman is actually out in the wild living this life and owning spiders and doing all sorts of interesting stuff for her Instagram fans because she enjoys this life.

One of this woman's first Instagram posts was her in the waters off the Bahamas swimming around a Tiger shark for 200 likes. 200!

This nature stuff is in her blood and now I'm calling on digital content management across the United States to do a deal (no, I'm not her agent and I'm not receiving a commission here) with Rosie for at least a six-show project. Give us an update on Ophelia. Give us Rosie on the prowl for sharks. Give us Rosie in the tropics.

This IG account is ready for 4K TVs across the country.

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