Phillies Ladies Trade Punches While Rolling Around Citizens Bank Bathroom Floor

There was a no-hitter on the field, but not in the women's bathroom during Game 4 of the World Series.

As you can see from footage released from a Citizens Bank Ballpark ladies' room, it was a battle for the ages as several women squared off -- not quite like the Australian horse race brawlers who actually destroyed each other -- as the High Nooners kicked in and punches started flying.

I tried my damndest to translate this video to pull some quotes, but all I can hear is "Get off her."

The rest is just garbled mumbling. Take a look.

This is what happens when reality sets in that the World Series will not be won on the field in Philadelphia. The emotions were so high after Game 3 and Bryce Harper figuring out how Lance McCullers was tipping pitches.

Philly was riding high. The fans were trading f-bombs with old man Mattress Mack.

This was setting up to be a five-game series and Phillies fans were going to get drunk and celebrate on Broad St.

Now there will be a Game 6 and Philly chicks are wrestling on a bathroom floor while uttering incoherent sentences. This is not good for Philly, even with Justin Verlander taking the mound tonight with his history in the World Series (0-6 record and 6.07 ERA).

Get it together, Philly. It's not over, but you can't flame out just yet. We need a full weekend out of you.

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