Philadelphia Restaurants Shoot Down Astros Catering Requests

The Houston Astros got pummeled by the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 3 of the World Series, and they did so on empty stomachs.

For some wild reason, the Astros attempted to buy food for the team from not one, but TWO local Philly establishments, and were unsurprisingly shut down both times.

The first attempt at an order went to Angelo’s Pizzeria in South Philadelphia - which is a bold choice to begin with - and it went exactly and you'd expect.

According to sources - and by sources I mean Twitter - the Astros evidently were ordering takeout for AFTER the game when the place closes down at 7 p.m.

Fans apparently took the news of their favorite team being denied a couple cheesesteaks well!

Side note: I don't think that's what they meant. My guess is that their team is about to get bombed, which is funny because literally the exact opposite happened.

I think the Phillies are STILL hitting homers this morning.

Anyway, our girl Amber here continues.

Houston Astros humiliated twice during Game 3

By the way, I'm team Angelo's on this one. It's the World Series, baby!

The Astros have to know that Philadelphia sports fans are absolutely NUTS, so going into the streets and asking for some post-game cheesesteaks was NEVER going to end well.

Unfortunately, the team couldn't take a hint the first time and decided to take another swing. This time, they reached out to Mike's BBQ, but instead texted the wrong number and were asking for ... Latin food?

According to the actual Mike's BBQ Instagram page, the team meant to contact another restaurant, and they eventually helped them get in touch with the right one.

Posting the text exchange was apparently just a joke, and Mike's LOVES to feed opposing teams!

Don't serve Latin food AND not open on those days. Nice job, Lisa from the Astros. Ya nailed that one.

Anyway, I don't know what the players ended up eating after getting stuffed into a locker for three hours during Game 3, but hopefully it was good!

And by the way, for future reference to any opposing teams looking to set up catering during a big event ... maybe just stick to the chain restaurants and move on?

Order some pizzas from Dominos, keep your head down and lay low until you're safely out of town.

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