Pat McAfee Responds To Brett Favre Lawsuit: 'Let's Ride F***er, I'll See You In Court'

Pat McAfee isn't scared of Brett Favre.

The former Indianapolis Colts kicker that has become a sports media star responded to Favre's lawsuit where the Hall of Fame quarterback claimed that McAfee and Shannon Sharpe defamed his name.


"I would like to let the New York lawyers that wrote me two letters before this thing announced... First one was "We would like you to go back and erase every single video that has Brett Favre's name mentioned in it.' So I looked at that and said, 'of course we're not doing that,' McAfee said.

It didn't end there though.

McAfee says that he received another letter a few days later that threatened him with an ultimatum. "You have until 8:30pm Wednesday to issue a public apology to Brett Favre," the letter said. McAfee's response? He said he went and played pickleball that night instead and couldn't get around to apologizing.


McAfee went on to say that Favre and has lawyers may not have realized that he used the word "ALLEGEDLY" when he was talking about the Favre situation.

And then in the ultimate mic drop, or let's call it a beer chug moment, McAfee responds by saying "Let's ride, F***er! I'll see you in court!"


McAfee gonna McAfee.

And that's exactly why he has a MASSIVE and loyal following. Because name one other commentator or host that would respond in that way? Nobody would. They'd be hiding behind a team of PR people and agents trying to cultivate an over-the-top statement to post on social media that everyone knows the person didn't write themselves.

Not McAfee though.

He cared so much about the lawsuit that he then crushed a beer. Power move.

The WWE Smackdown announcer essentially going all The Rock on Favre by saying "Just Bring It!"


On Thursday, Brett Favre filed three separate defamation lawsuits against McAfee, Fox Sports 1 commentator Shannon Sharpe, as well as Mississippi state auditor Shad White.

According to the lawsuit, Favre alleges that McAfee called Favre a "thief" who was "stealing from poor people in Mississippi." It also claims that McAfee made similar remarks on Twitter.

McAfee and Sharpe were reacting to a civil lawsuit in which Favre and others are named in a public fraud case after a Mississippi state audit. It alleges that $77 million in public money that was supposed to go families in need, was misused and never went where it was intended.

State auditor Shad White, who is also being sued by Favre, says that according to the audit, Favre was paid $1.1 million from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) fund for speeches that White says he never did. (Favre eventually paid the money back but the state is asking for interest as well) Another claim is that Favre's alma mater in the University of Southern Mississippi received $5 million in TANF funds, once again according to the state audit.

Text messages allegedly involved Favre show him urging state officials for funding for a new volleyball facility at the school's campus.

Favre has not been criminally charged. His attorney claims that there have been no records "indicating Mr. Favre knew" where the money that was supposed to be delegated to the TANF fund ended up.

One thing's for sure - McAfee's response shows just how serious he's taking the lawsuit. It'd be interesting to see if Favre's lawyers ask a judge for a gag order. Especially with McAfee single-handedly getting millions of fans and supporters on his side with his hilarious response.