Brett Favre Questioned By FBI Over Welfare Fraud Case

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The FBI questioned Lambeau legend Brett Favre regarding his involvement in a welfare fraud case in Mississippi, according to NBC News.

The former Green Bay Packers quarterback was ordered by a court to pay back $1.1 million in funds allegedly siphoned from a $70 million anti-poverty aid package (titled “Temporary Assistance for Needy Families”) given to Mississippi, which is also known as the poorest state in America.

Favre’s attorney Bud Holmes spoke on recent communications between his client and the FBI.

Also targeted in the investigation are former WWE wrestler Ted DiBiase, former Oklahoma star Marcus Dupree and fitness trainer Paul LaCoste.

Dibiase has been ordered to pay back $3.9 million while Dupree and LaCoste combined for a $670,000 payment.

As reported by OutKick, the Mississippi Department of Human Services is suing roughly 40 people involved in the illegal activity, which includes Favre. The suit is looking to recover approximately $24 million in the stolen funds.

Throughout the investigation, Favre, 52, has maintained that he never received money for unattended speaking engagements and was unaware that the money for the supposed speaking events was taken from the state’s aid package.

Favre paid back the $1.1 million request in two payments. He still has an outstanding balance of $228,000 that he accrued in interest.

As noted by the Associated Press, Favre is not being charged with “any criminal wrongdoing.”

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