Paige Spiranac Wants To Help You Find The Sweet Spot

The content assassin IS BACK!

After contemplating her retirement from the golf-influencing world due to body-shaming trolls, Paige Spiranac is back at the golf range and pumping out golf content as a clear F-you to the haters. In her latest video, Paigeviews dives into the art of ball striking with The Notorious B.I.G. softly playing in the background as she crushes irons.

"Struggling to find the sweet spot? Just not hitting it right? Well I’m here to help," the world's No. 1 golf influencer writes on Instagram.

Boom, instant video view.

Paigeviews was nice enough to take time out of her busy influencing life to walk golfers through drills that will help to find the sweet spot.

First up, the flamingo.

Something, something, something, stand on one leg and hit a ball.

Next, the pause at the top.

Hey Paigeviews, I typically do the pause at the top but it's after I've had 16 beers and my swing speed is approximately 30 MPH. I get to the top, start seeing stars and then I pray for the best as my club starts moving down towards the ball.

I'm a pro at the pause at the top drill.

And finally, the push-away drill. It's supposed to help you go "low and slow, baby."

Whatever you say, Paigeviews.

Now do a drill to prevent me from chunking a beautiful drive approximately 215 yards up the right side of the rough, leaving me 130 to the center of the green -- after doing a random Fireball shot because the other group in the golf outing pulled up and they just birdied, which means now we all have to do shots even though my team took par.

Maybe I can get the world's No. 2 golf influencer Claire Hogle to make that video.

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