OnlyFans Fighter Wants You To Rate Her Outfit For Mayweather Undercard

Sammy-Jo Luxton, an up-and-coming fighter who doubles as an OnlyFans star, is set to make her debut tonight on Floyd Mayweather's undercard. For those who didn't know - and I am certainly raising my hand - the 46-year-old Mayweather is taking on Aaron Chalmers in an exhibition bout in London.

Anyway, Luxton - who months ago claimed she would gladly poop on a fan for the right price (nope, ain't joking) - announced a few weeks ago that she had signed with the Professional Fighter's League in a bid to further a career in MMA.

Now Luxton, who is apparently also known as the "Ghetto Cinderella," will face MMA star Hayley Barraclough on the Mayweather show tonight and would like everyone's input on her weigh-in outfit.

Sammy-Jo Luxton, OnlyFans star, gears up for Floyd Mayweather undercard fight

Big moment here for Luxton to prove what she's got, and she hears the outside noise.

The young boxer told Sporting News earlier this week that she was eager to prove all the doubters wrong.

"Everyone says I’m like a robot because I will get smacked silly and I’ll just keep walking forward," she said. "When I get hit, I’m not one of those people who’s like ‘oh, that hurt’ and then starts stepping back.

"I get angry and I want to hit you back twice as hard for hitting me like that."

While Luxton may be new to MMA, she's already built quite a resume. The OnlyFans star won a world silver medal in Muay Thai last May and also has European and British titles.

She's also built an impressive following on social media, with over 30,000 followers on Instagram and, of course, the OnlyFans account.

Last fall, the 23-year-old went viral when a side-by-side picture of her showed how things can look a tad bit different in and out of the ring.

Give 'em hell tonight, Sammy-Jo!

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