Olivia Wilde Celebrates 39th Birthday With Butt Tattoo -- Deal With It, Haters!

Annnnnnddddddd Olivia Wilde officially has my attention.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was writing about how former social media icons tend to give up the game by their early 30s when they start posting about how they drink almond milk, play with goats on their farms and chase waterfalls (while fully clothed) with their children who are named Dream, Willow & Seed.

Do you think I'm joking? There are people naming their kids' Seed.

Paulina Gretzky, 34, is still going strong with the content game and now it's crystal clear that actress Olivia Wilde isn't giving up on life anytime soon. The five-time "Teen Choice Awards" nominee turned 39 on March 10 and now we're finding out just how she celebrated.

With a butt tattoo.

Hell yeah, Wilde!

"39 and feeling fine. Thanks for the birthday love. I milked it for way too long and it’s been great. Here’s to whatever’s next. Probably not another tramp stamp but who knows. #shameless #howdareshe #thehorror," Wilde wrote.

Guys, I can feel it.

The tides are turning. After what feels like the darkest five years in pop culture history when very few people were having fun, laughing and getting ass tats, it feels like we're turning the corner here thanks to women in their 30s who refuse to start making soaps and bragging about how they attended some Blu of Earth shaman retreat.

Ladies, take it from Paulina and Olivia Wilde. Life isn't over just because you've pumped out a couple of kids and the IG isn't popping like during your 20s. Get out there and get an ass tat. Drink a few spiked seltzers.

Tell your husbands you're ready to trade in the mom van for a 2023 Acura TLX Type S (relax, it's a four-door) and you're ready to start living again.

Need more proof Wilde's about to go on a content bender? She's been hanging out with Jennifer Coolidge. Who's that?

That's Stifler's mom.

Buckle up.

Wilde has that look like she's about to have a huge run to her 40th birthday in 2024. "Moving this pic to the grid and then to a chest tattoo most likely," she captioned the photo with Coolidge.

All in. Let's do this, Wilde.

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