North Korean Defector Explains Why Ivy League Wokes Are Crazier Than The Wackos Back Home

How bad are the wokes within the Ivy League, specifically at Columbia University where North Korean defector Yeonmi Park graduated? You guys clearly know it's bad out there, but let Park put this in perspective for those of you who think North Korea is crazy. "Even North Korea is not this nuts," she told Fox News during an interview. "North Korea was pretty crazy, but not this crazy," Park explained as she rattled off what it was like to attend Columbia.

Remember when Tucker Carlson told OutKick's Bobby Burack how he tried to persuade his kids not to attend college, especially for a liberal arts degree? Here's a North Korean defector who, at 13, according to a Columbia University profile, fled across a frozen river with her mother into China to escape the craziness in her homeland. But Park and her mother were held for two years by traffickers before they were able to escape into South Korea.

Now 27, Park clearly knows craziness and she says Columbia didn't waste time trying to inject her with its woke when she showed up on campus. "I expected that I was paying this fortune, all this time and energy, to learn how to think. But they are forcing you to think the way they want you to think," she told Fox News. "I realized, wow, this is insane. I thought America was different but I saw so many similarities to what I saw in North Korea that I started worrying."

Park says the lack of critical thinking in the U.S. reminds her of her crazy homeland.

"In North Korea I literally believed that my Dear Leader was starving," she recalled. "He's the fattest guy - how can anyone believe that? And then somebody showed me a photo and said 'Look at him, he's the fattest guy. Other people are all thin.' And I was like, 'Oh my God, why did I not notice that he was fat?' Because I never learned how to think critically."

"That is what is happening in America," she continued. "People see things but they've just completely lost the ability to think critically."

Is it possible Park is just overreacting about her time at the Ivy League school? Don't forget this is a university that announced in March that it would hold six graduation ceremonies divided by sex and race. There was also a graduation ceremony for first-generation graduates and or low-income community students.

Don't look now, but Columbia could land a spot in the 2022 OutKick Woke All-Star Challenge. Imagine Jemele Hill beating a school that's so woke it's worse than North Korea. That would be quite an upset if Jemele could beat that resume.

"You guys have lost common sense to degree that I as a North Korean cannot even comprehend," Park added. "Where are we going from here? There’s no rule of law, no morality, nothing is good or bad anymore, it's complete chaos."

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