NATIONAL EMERGENCY: Semi Loaded With Crispy Bud Light Tips Over

A semi loaded with crispy Bud Light met an unfortunate fate in Kentucky.

In photos tweeted by Julie Dolan, cases of the popular beer spilled all over the place after the semi transporting the drinks tipped over on 265/71S.

If you're looking to ruin your day and possibly the rest of your month, take a look at the carnage.

Not good, friends! Not good at all. There are few things in life worth getting fired up about.

A threat to the nation's beer supplies is right near the top of the list. If we don't have iced down beer to drink, what are we even doing?

At that point, America is unrecognizable and lost forever.

I'm not sure what kind of powers the federal or state government have in a situation like this, but all options must be on the table.

If we have to start choppering in beer to distribution centers, restaurants, bars and grocery stores using Black Hawk helicopters, then that's what we'll do.

There are few things capable of making grown men cry. A bunch of beer being absolutely wasted is definitely one of them, especially right before football season!

Those bad boys should be getting prepped and ready for college football.

Instead, the beer is lost forever. Just a brutal situation!

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