"Liver King" Says His Steroids Admission May Hurt His Supplement Business Ventures

In a case of "Oh really?!" the bodybuilding viral sensation known as Liver King is now saying a recent steroid admission may hurt his business ventures.

"I own this. This is on me to deal with, and I deserve all the hate and criticism that I'm getting. I'll deal with this," the 45-year-old Brian Johnson told TMZ Live.

Despite being a viral star because of his sheer massive size that he claimed was from his "ancestral living" lifestyle, the Liver King was allegedly making nearly $100 million a year in his Heart and Soul and Ancestral Supplements company. He's now at risk of losing much of that money.


It has been a rough couple of weeks for Liver King, who prided himself on his strict work out and rare eating regiment that sometimes consisted of raw meat and animal organs. Once he began posting photos and videos of the bizarre food choices, he quickly went viral a few years ago as many people were like "What is this?!"

However, some in the weightlifting and health-related world began accusing Johnson of being a phony and actually taking some sort of steroids. Liver King consistently denied using any unnatural products - sidestepping accusations from the likes of Joe Rogan and others.

Two weeks ago, Johnson was called out after a YouTube channel posted alleged emails from him to a trainer. In the writings, Johnson discloses the various supplements he is taking - which included human growth hormone and steroids. He thought the email would remain confidential. In total, the Liver King was taking 6 various supplements that he repeatedly denied doing for years.

The fallout was massive as many people weren't necessarily surprised at the findings, but nonetheless called him out across social media. It was one of those, "We all know you're on steroids stop denying it." And the public turned out right.


The Liver King is now trying to do damage control not only for his social media brand, but his bodybuilding supplement companies.

He went on to tell TMZ Live that he's concerned that his steroid admission may hurt his health-related companies.

Who would have thought that once you're found out to be taking steroids and HGH, that the supplements you are selling and claiming are the reason why you are the way you are, suddenly aren't in high demand?

The Liver King has now gone from hero to zero. I'm pretty sure his only course of action is to end up on some VH1 reality television show.

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