Kliff Kingsbury's Girlfriend Appears To Be Very Relaxed Amid Speculation About His Future

Kliff Kingsbury's girlfriend Veronica Bielik doesn't seem to have a care in the world amid speculation about his coaching future.

Bielik, who is a hit here at OutKick, recently announced she's on the island of Tenerife soaking up some sun. Very relaxing. Very refreshing.

While there's a lot of chatter about whether or not Kingsbury will return to the NFL - he interviewed for and failed to get the Texans OC job - she's definitely not letting any of that drama bring her down.

In fact, she just continues to crush life.

Kliff Kingsbury's girlfriend Veronica Bielik is star.

While people in NFL circles and possibly even the college football world are curious about Kingsbury's future, the internet isn't focused on that. He was interesting when he took his trip to Thailand. Once he returned, attention pivoted.

The internet is focused on what Bielik is up to. Life is short. You have to recharge from time to time, and she seems to be doing that in epic fashion.

Could Kingsbury become an OC somewhere after the Cardinals fired him? Sure. Do you think she's letting her anxiety and stress rise because of that? Absolutely not.

While the rest of us are out here grinding it out all day starting before the sun even comes up, all Bielik is worried about is catching some rays.

Life clearly isn't too bad when you're dating a (recently fired) NFL coach. The Cardinals owe Kingsbury millions over the next few years, and that means the duo shouldn't have any issues traveling for Instagram worthy snaps.

Or at the very least, she'll be good to go.

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