Kid Rock Cancels Concert, Fans Respond By Going Absolutely Insane

Some Kid Rock fans got incredibly rowdy after he canceled a show in North Dakota.

The legendary rock star had to cancel his Friday night show in North Dakota because of high winds, and fans didn't take it well at all.

In multiple videos circulating the web, fans started throwing stuff on stage upon learning there wouldn't be a show, and one guy got jacked up in epic fashion.

Watch a guy on stage get absolutely obliterated by security in the video below.

Kid Rock fans are truly cut from a different cloth, and I say that as a compliment. They're passionate music fans, and I'm sure they'd enjoyed a few adult beverages in anticipation of the show.

Then, they get informed the show is off, and at that point, all bets were off.

Is throwing stuff on stage and getting lit up by security an ideal Friday night? Not for most of us, but again, we're talking about Kid Rock fans.

They bring all the energy in the world, and they want to rock!

Finally, if you ever have a chance to see Kid Rock in concert, you have to do it. I saw him at the RNC in 2016. The man puts on an incredibly entertaining show. Unfortunately, his fans didn't get to see it Friday night in North Dakota.

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