Kathryne Padgett Replaces Alex Rodriguez In Banger Valentine's Day Post

Alex Rodriguez's fitness model ex-girlfriend Kathryne Padgett has finally revealed her rebound man, and, frankly, he seems way cooler than the former Yankee.

I know, not hard to do. I don't think anyone is out there pining to hang out with Alex Rodriguez, especially after hearing him (and hearing him, and hearing him) on Sunday Night Baseball.

Still, this cat certainly seems like a step up from A-Rod, who himself has also moved on ... to another fitness model influencer. Go figure!

Anyway, Padgett posted pics with her new guy - Weston Richey - on Instagram for Valentines Day (bold move), and the two seem happy as ever!

Kathryne Padgett has replaced Alex Rodriguez

Giddy-up, cowboy!

Padgett, a former college soccer player herself, kicked A-Rod to the curb last September after the two spent most of the year together traversing the country or attending various sporting events.

Nobody knows exactly what happened, but it appears both have moved on nicely. Rodriguez is now with OutKick star Jac Cordeiro, while Padgett has a new "best friend" in Richey.

"Beyond obsessed with my valentine," she wrote in one of her recent posts.

Richey, by the way, is apparently a creative brand developer and video content creator, according to his Instagram. He also seems to into Yellowstone and America based on his page, so he seems like a keeper.

No shot A-Rod's watched a single episode of Yellowstone. Advantage, Weston.

Seems like he got the better end of that breakup!

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