Kanye West Says Stephen A. Smith, Kyrie Irving Are 'Real Ones' In Instagram Post

Kanye West (Ye?) is in shambles right now as his empire crumbles around him because he can't stop saying really dumb things, but he apparently still has a few good friends left in Stephen A. Smith and Kyrie Irving.

How's that for a Monday morning wakeup call?

The rapper posted a series of bizarre Instagram posts Sunday, which included headshots of both Smith and Irving, along with Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

If that wasn't weird enough, the caption didn't exactly enlighten us to anything.

"It’s actually some real ones still alive that ain’t afraid no more I’m with you Time to build our own So the #redmedia can never control or diminish us again," Ye (Kanye?) wrote as the caption for the Smith photo.

"There’s some real ones still here," he said for Kyrie.

"PRO LIFE" he added under Walker's picture.


Kanye West faces immense backlash after antiemetic comments

Kanye - Ye - whatever his name is now, has been basically shunned from society over the past week after tweeting that he would go "death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE."

The antisemetic remark led to immense backlash, with several companies and sports figures severing ties with West.

Both his Twitter and Instagram accounts were locked (they've since been unlocked), Forbes said it cost him his Billionaire status after Adidas cut ties, and the CAA talent agency dropped him from its clientele.

People started calling for West's songs to be wiped from the internet, HBO removed a previously recorded interview with him, and his products were pulled from shelves at stores around the country.

Yeah, it's been a complete dismantling.

But - again, according to Ye - he still has some backers in Stephen A. Smith and Kyrie Irving.

Irving, by the way, is embroiled in similar backlash. The Brooklyn Nets star came under fire late last week for sharing an antisemitic film on social media. He later said he meant "no disrespect."

"We're in 2022," he added when pressed about promoting the movie over the weekend. "History is not supposed to be hidden from anybody, and I'm not a divisive person when it comes to religion. I embrace all walks of life."

Smith, meanwhile, called out West on an Oct. 22 episode of his "Know Mercy" podcast.

"When you’re wrong, you’re wrong," he said. "When you’re incendiary, you’re incendiary. When you’re insensitive, you’re insensitive. And when you see him oblivious or indifferent to history and the impact that it has on any group of people in this world, Black, White, Jews, gentile, it don’t matter.

"Latinos, Asian Americans or whatever, you got to be called on the carpet for it, especially when you don’t seem to have an apologetic bone in your body. And that’s where we are with Kanye West as we sit here right now. Because ladies and gentlemen, excuse my language, but this sh*t is bad. This is really, really bad what he has been doing."

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