Jim Gray Makes Seamless Transition From Tracy Morgan Awkwardness To Ad Read

There's a reason Tom Brady does his podcasts with a veteran sportscaster like Jim Gray. the man is a consummate professional.

And, as you'll see in this case, he's the King of the Segue.

Brady and Gray were joined by comedians Adam Sandler, Bill Burr, and Tracey Morgan for their most recent episode of Let's Go!

As you might expect, a Sandler, Burr, and Morgan triumvirate quickly took over the show. At one point, Burr told a story about an old NSFW part of Morgan's act.

“He said something that grossed the crowd out and then he doubled down on it,” Burr said. “He goes, ‘I’m old, I eat toes and bootyholes.’ And that was before eating ass was mainstream so the whole crowd pulled back. And then he looks at the crowd and goes, ‘You eat the motherf----r.’”

The SNL alum who gave life to classic characters like Brian Fellow and Astronaut Jones chimed in.

“That’s all I do!” Morgan said.

Gray Dropped An All-Time Segue

Unfortunately, this discussion happened just as Gray was gearing up to do a live read. It's tough to pivot from a topic like this into an ad for Casper mattresses, Stamps.com, or whatever else needed to be hocked on that occasion.

But Gray handled it like an absolute champ.

“Well Tracy, we’re gonna get you a much better meal,” Gray started. “Hey Tracy, for tender and flavorful in every bite, we’re gonna send you to Morton’s The Steakhouse…and let me tell you something, your meal’s gonna be a heck of a lot better than what you guys were just talking about.”

That's a first-ballot entry to the segue hall of fame.

Did Jim Gray study improv? Because he was hanging with some of the sharpest minds in comedy and held his own like a seasoned vet who did several seasons on SNL.

That was funnier than anything that has been on SNL in years. At least on episodes not hosted by Bill Burr or Dave Chappelle.

Just an absolute broadcasting clinic from Jim Gray.

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