Bill Burr Shares Blunt Message About America Being Divided

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Comedian Bill Burr wants people to chill out with the cynicism about America.

Right now, there is a lot of pessimism in the United States of America, and if you get on Twitter or any other social media platform, you could start to think the country is falling apart. It really seems like we’re in a nonstop cycle of negativity.

However, Burr thinks people should go outside, soak up some fresh air and realize things aren’t as bad as you might think.

Bill Burr says America isn’t as divided as people think. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic)

“If you go on the internet, everybody seems to like they’re angry but if you go outside and walk around, they’re not. It’s not like they’re just walking around screaming at each other,” Burr said during an appearance on the “TRIGGERnometry” podcast.

Burr also took aim at people who post anonymously online as a way to shield themselves while stirring up drama and problems.

“No, I just don’t think any of that’s real. It’s just not real,” the legendary comedian also added if he was worried about division in America potentially being worse than ever.

This is a similar message to the one shared by Aaron Rodgers during his interview with Pat McAfee. The Packers QB reminded people that it’s okay to listen to viewpoints you disagree with.

In fact, it’s incredibly healthy and a great way to grow and strengthen your own views.

Unfortunately, we definitely have some division in America, and people on both sides are eager to exploit it for all it’s worth.

Most notably, President Joe Biden gave a highly-partisan and divisive speech earlier in the week that painted millions of regular Americans as bad people.

Are politics causing Americans to be more divided than ever before? (Credit: Hannah Beier/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

That’s not healthy at all. It’s also not reflective of reality. Neighbors are more likely to talk over a beer about the big game than they are to scream at each other over politics.

You just wouldn’t know it from looking on the internet, which was Bill Burr’s entire point.

Comedian Bill Burr shares sobering message about division in America. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Listen to each other, engage in respectful conversations and debates and then find hobbies that have nothing to do with politics. If you do that, you’ll be just fine.

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

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  1. Burr is right. In my suburban neighborhood we talk about everyday things. We’re all trying to get along.

    There are groups that are intentionally trying to divide us. The MSM. The 13% of the population. The 5% and its subset of .7%. Witness the BYU situation. A noted race-baiter coach inflames things with support for a fake racist situation. A tennis great doesn’t shake the hand of her opponent – it’s beneath her. People in my neighborhood would shrug their shoulders and go on with their lives. We don’t hate anyone. But it’s also hard to ignore the hate some people have.

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