CNN Changes Joe Biden’s Blood Red Backdrop to Warmer Pink Mid-Speech

Thursday, President Joe Biden delivered a speech declaring the Republican Party a bunch of fascists while he stood in front of a Nazi-looking, blood-red backdrop.

The following is not photoshopped:

But what was doctored is CNN’s presentation of the address.

CNN viewers likely didn’t understand the Hitler references on social media last night. A) CNN viewers aren’t the smartest cookies on the block. B) The speech they watched did not look like the others.

Those who watched Biden declare MAGA demonic on CNN saw him do so in a warmer, less bloody setting than those watching on other networks. It turns out that CNN changed its camera setting mid-speech to ease the tensions the Nazi-red backdrop oozed.

CNN continues to be a more aggressive PR rep for Biden than his own.

Here’s CNN, during the broadcast, changing its lighting to make Biden look less absurd. Watch the backdrop change as he speaks:

Tricky, tricky.

That is how CNN plans to restore credibility and regain support from conservative viewers, the two reported missions for new network management.

Unfortunately for CNN, Brian Stelter is not there to defend this deceitful spin-job. Mr. Licht pulled the trigger too quickly.

CNN’s edit wasn’t even the best of the night. The video edits portraying Biden as Hitler were far more creative, and perhaps more accurate.

This is my favorite:

The creepy backdrop was not pink last night. But that mustache doesn’t look half bad on one Joe Biden.

We look forward to Jim Acosta’s coverage of the speech this weekend, with presumably Biden in front of a cozy white wall. 

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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