Jeremy Renner Shares Awesome Health Update: 'The Body Is Miraculous'

Jeremy Renner appears to be making incredible progress after his plowing accident.

The star actor nearly died when a plow rolled up on him at the start of January. He was attempting to protect his nephew when the tragedy unfolded. Renner broke more than 30 bones and suffered serious trauma to multiple parts of his body.

Now, more than four months later, he looks like he's speeding towards a full recovery.

The "Wind River" actor shared a video last week of himself working out and wrote, in part, "UPDATE: I’ve decided to push through the pain of progress(this damn shattered tibia) and take the new parts for a tiny test drive. The body is miraculous."

It's clear Renner has made some insane progress.

Jeremy Renner is very lucky.

It's nothing short of shocking Renner wasn't killed outside his Nevada home when the plow rolled up on him.

His neighbor jumping into action and incredible medical professionals getting him to a hospital ASAP likely saved his life.

The "Mayor of Kingstown" superstar lost a staggering amount of blood, his eye popped out and his body was pretty much crushed. There's no real reasonable explanation for why he made it.

Yet, he did and after multiple operations, Renner is now refusing to give up. He's refusing to be a victim. It's great to see.

Renner still has a long road ahead of him to getting back to 100%. It's not something that will just happen in a few weeks. It's going to take a lot of physical therapy, but so far, he appears to be crushing it. Hopefully, he's back on the screen sooner than later. His recovery has been nothing short of spectacular.

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