Jena Sims' Dream Of Becoming A Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Is Alive & Well

Jena Sims hasn't given up on her dream to become a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model just yet. She provided an update on what she calls her "biggest dream" as she prepared for a LIV Golf welcome party.

This welcome party had a little extra to it as the organization was also celebrating their partnership with the CW on Wednesday night. As the 34-year-old model touched up her makeup for the event she used the time to share the latest on her dream job in a TikTok video.

Sims revealed that she submitted herself for the magazine's Swim Search again this year. SI Swimsuit will be narrowing down the list of potential models to 24 on Friday and she is keeping her hopes up that this year will be her year.

Last year Sims joined TikTok in order to throw her name in the hat and came up short. She captioned the video, "Your dreams don’t chase you back! Submitting for my dream job." This apparently wasn't her first attempt at landing a spot and it definitely wasn't her last.

In her video on Wednesday, Sims revealed that she got really close to landing her dream job two years ago. She said, "I got really close, I made the interview rounds two years ago and didn't make anything beyond that, so, I'm not giving up."

So What's The Hold Up And Why Are We On At Least The Third Submission?

What is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit waiting for? Jena Sims, one would think, checks all of the necessary boxes to land her dream job.

She's a legit model, she's not just playing one on social media. Although, she can hold her own there as well and does all the time. There's no shortage of Sims in a bikini content.

Let's not forget she has her own swimwear line too. The last time I checked they weren't just handing those out to anyone.

All of that and I haven't even mentioned her athlete significant other, Brooks Koepka. While not one of the prerequisites to landing one of the still highly sought after spots, it should boost the applicants standing a tad.

Aren't they looking for attractive models with a decent size social media following who look good in bikinis and other forms of swimwear? It seems to me that the folks at SI Swimsuit should be knocking down Sims' door, not the other way around.