Jemele Hill Calls It Racist To Charge Davante Adams For Assaulting Someone

A Kansas City court charged Raiders' receiver Davante Adams with misdemeanor assault on Wednesday for shoving a credentialed media worker after Monday's loss to the Chiefs. The police report says the man suffered a “possible concussion" and received hospital care after he hit the ground.

Adams is black and the photographer is white. So, of course, the matter is racist.

But the possibly concussed 20-year-old is not the victim. According to failed television host Jemele Hill, Davante Adams is a victim of systemic racism.

Later in her rant, Hill said police should have taken into consideration that Adams apologized to the man. If only it were that easy: assault someone, apologize to them, and walk away scot-free.

Hill did not mention that Adams lied about the photographer running in front of him without intention to stop, a claim the video debunks:

Adams, by definition, assaulted the worker. Individuals are not allowed to randomly throw photographers to the ground, whether it be outside a building or after a football game. Therefore, Adams was charged with assault.

Minor? Perhaps. Nonetheless, he assaulted the cameraman.

The only racial element to this story is that Jemele Hill would prefer a criminal justice system that chalks up assault against white people as a reparation or meme. Jemele Hill does not like white people. She calls it dangerous to discuss their safety.

Still, we are perturbed that the loathsome usual suspects weren't able to beat Hill to this talking point. She didn't get around to race-baiting until hours after the initial report. We hate to see Stephen A. Smith, Ryan Clark, and Sarah Spain struggle to keep up with the upper echelon of anti-racists.

A sports story can no longer percolate without baseless accusations of racism from the press. The dorks in the media will not allow it any other way. See how struggling MSNBC host Tiffany Cross injected race into the Tua Tagovailoa concussion saga, and failed hilariously, here.

The demand for racism outstrips the supply. Jemele Hill hates that about reality.

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