Jay Cutler Mistaken For Tim Tebow In Terrible Jeopardy! Answer

It's not often Tim Tebow gets compared to Jay Cutler ... for obvious reasons. But that's why we have Jeopardy!

On the field, they didn't exactly enjoy the same career path. Tebow had one good half-season in Denver, while Cutler - even for all of his faults - still holds over a dozen Bears' records to this day.

Off the field ... well, they seem to be two pretty different people. Let's just leave it at that.

Anyway, don't tell that to one Jeopardy! contestant, though.

Who is ... Tim Tebow? Jeopardy! answers goes off the rails

Oh no, Andrew! My guy. That's not Timmy Tebow. That's 'Smokin Jay Cutler, baby! Two legends for two very different reasons.

"What is Tebow?"

Not quite the Jeopardy! answer we were looking for here.

The answer, of course, was, "what is cutler?" Sports fans, who usually feel pretty dumb watching this show (myself included), were QUICK to jump on poor Andrew for his answer.

This was Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions (whatever that is), so I'm quite sure Andrew could ultimately make us all look really dumb.

But we got him this round!

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