Jay Cutler Admits He's In A Dark Place Right Now, But Gave Up On Trying To Quit Cigars

Jay Cutler is in a dark place in his life right now. He said so himself.

However, that isn't going to stop him from enjoying a good cigar and a beer.

Cutler, who spent 12 years in the NFL, is coming off of a fairly recent, very public divorce. He and Kristin Cavallari got engaged in 2011, were married in 2013 and announced that they were getting a divorce in 2020. The papers were finalized this past June.

Since then, Cavallari has been very vocal about their marriage in the media. And the things that she was saying did not reflect well on Cutler.

The latter laughed off all of the things that the former has said, but that doesn't mean it isn't taking a toll. Cutler says that he will not speak ill of the mother of their three children and does not understand why she is airing things out in the public eye. He would rather handle the conversations internally.

Although Cutler is certainly not necessarily a victim, per say, what Cavallari has been doing to him has been pretty cruel. At least, from an outsider's perspective. She's talked a lot of smack about Cutler.

According to Jay Cutler, he is in a dark place.

During a recent video to promote a new Nashville-based beer, he admitted that he's going through it.

Cutler said that he quit cigars for a few days because he thought that maybe he needed to stop and re-evaluate his life. But "that sh*t didn't work."

In addition, Cutler said that was in a dark place when he was trying to quit. He then slipped in the fact that he is also in a dark place right now— or whenever the video posted last week was filmed.

Jason Sheer, Cutler's co-host, called out the former quarterback's moodiness. Cutler said he didn't want to talk about it. Take a listen:

Whatever Cutler is going through, it is cool that he is willing to admit it. He could struggle with his demons internally, but he is not afraid to be truthful about where he is in his life.

People like Cutler being able to talk about his struggles publicly helps remove some of the stigma surrounding mental health. Good on him. And who doesn't love a good beer/cigar pairing?!