Japanese Man Arrested For Punching, Robbing Guy Who Took Too Long In Convenience Store Bathroom

A man in Japan has admitted to assaulting and robbing another man who was taking too long in a convenience store bathroom.

According to Kyodo News, police in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture — just outside of Tokyo — arrested 21-year-old Hayato Baba. He's a construction worker and was arrested for punching a 37-year-old man multiple times — leaving him with minor injuries —and taking his wallet after the man took too long in the bathroom.

Baba told police that he had grown impatient while waiting for the victim to emerge from a convenience store bathroom and when he did he released pent-up rage (and fortunately nothing else). He also told police that he hadn't planned on taking the man's wallet but when it fell out on the floor he did.

What was he supposed to do? Leave it there?!

A witness called the police and when they arrived Baba was still on the scene sipping on some booze. There was, however, no word on whether or not he used the convenience store bathroom he had been so desperately waiting for.

Aside From The Punching And Wallet Stealing, This Story Is Very Relateable

Look, I don't condone these types of things, but I understand how this could happen...

If you find yourself in need of a convenience store bathroom, your day isn't going great. Those aren't first-choice restrooms by any stretch. It's a last resort when you find yourself facing a "DEFCON 1"-type situation. Seems to me that's what Hayato Baba was dealing with.

So, I can understand the frustration that stems from straight-legging it into a convenience store only to stand there waiting for less-than-stellar bathroom facilities while beads of sweat stream down your forehead.

In this case, that rage manifested itself in a few thrown punches... and a stolen wallet.

It makes me wonder how long the victim was in the bathroom. I'd never want to victim blame, but we don't know if the guy in the bathroom was reading articles or doing a crossword or day trading while a construction worker in significant colon agony became increasingly punchy.

Maybe we need to start installing slanted toilets...

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