Is Nothing Sacred?: Someone Stole The Catalytic Converter Off The Wienermobile

You'd have thought there would be some level of decorum amongst catalytic converter thieves. Yeah, go ahead and steal them off of all the Honda Civics you want, but don't touch the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

According to Las Vegas TV station KLAS, someone swiped the catalytic converter off America's favorite road-worthy wiener. It was in Sin City for some Super Bowl weekend appearances.

The Wienermobile crew — think about having that on your resume; any job you apply for after that is yours — noticed that the Wienermobile wouldn't start. So, they had it towed to a shop and had a temporary converter installed.

Fortunately, crew members Corn Dog Clara and “Chad”dar Cheese — I swear, that's how this was reported — managed to limp that injured frankfurter on wheels to their appearance.

“It’s a huge problem,” Joseph Rodriguez, who worked at the shop that valiantly fixed the Wienermobile said about catalytic converter thefts. “It’s been going on for a couple of years now. Last summer especially, it was like two to three months to get one.”

We Are All The Wienermobile

I knew this was a big issue but I thought the Wienermobile was untouchable. I've seen it a few times in person, most recently a few weeks ago. It was parked behind a hotel, shimmering in the mid-morning son, like a properly grilled glizzy. I'll tell you, I don't even like Oscar Mayer hot dogs, but it was a majestic sight to behold.

There's nothing like eagerly rushing to tell you're girlfriend that you had encountered a rolling piece of Americana only for her to reply"...And?"


Here to the brave men and women of the Las Vegas Police Department tracking down this monster who committed this crime.

A crime against the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile is an affront to the nation.

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