Australian Man Fights Off Thieves In His Underwear

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An Australian man – up early on Boxing Day for a fishing trip – saw some thieves going through his daughter’s car. He threw on some underwear and ran outside to confront them. He didn’t realize at the time that there were five of them nor did he notice any weapons.

The man who was identified only as Steve ended up taking on three of the thieves in the street with nothing but his underwear on. One of the young thieves had a knife and another was armed with a baseball bat. Steve was cut on the hand during the altercation.

Australian Man Fights Off Thieves In His Underwear
Australian man cut by a knife while fighting off thieves in his underwear (Image Credit: 9 News Australia/YouTube)

Steve was intending to give the thief he was able to grab a “little touchup.” He ended up taking on three before they were able to flee. The entire incident was caught on camera and the local hero ended up on the news.

Even better than running the thieves off in his underwear is the interview he did explaining what happened that morning. Steve explained, “My alarm went off, I jumped out of bed, looked out my window and saw a torch in my daughter’s car.”

“So, I jumped into action straight away. Realized I was starkas… so, I had to put something on. I didn’t want to scare them too much.”

Captain Undies To The Rescue

For anyone worried that he might get an inflated sense of self from the entire experience, his friends and family are taking care of that. According to Steve, they call him “Captain Undies.”

Steve escaped with what he describes as a just a nick on his left hand and a new nickname. As for the five thieves were also able to avoid any significant injuries.

They can be seen at the end of the video hoping into a couple of vehicles and driving away. Those vehicles, a Mazda and BMW, were stolen from another home.

The thieves didn’t leave Captain Undies’ house without a fight.

Written by Sean Joseph

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